The Summer Season will run June 11th thru August 31st.

Games will be played at JH Hull Middle School field as 40+ and 18+ 5v5 pick-up games to begin. Divisions are coed, divisions 40+ and 18+ at the present time.

Games will be on Sunday at 8:00am (40+ only), 9:00am, 10:15am and 11:30am.  You will be asked to state your 1st choice and 2nd choice timeslots when registering.

Registration is $25 (+$30 AYSO membership fee; +$2.75 transaction fee and credit card percentage charge) for a total of $55.00*.

*Explanation of registration fees: The registration fee will include a dry-fit, field and equipment costs and other attendant Region costs for the season. The AYSO membership fee ($30) goes directly to AYSO National Office to cover administration, insurance and organizational costs; the $2.75 transaction fee is charged by Sports Connect and the credit card percentage fee is collected by the credit card service company. The Region does not receive any part of the membership fee; transaction fee or credit card percentage service fee and is therefore not able to refund said amounts.


Refund Policy

Notification must be made to Region 15 Adult League via email at refunds@ayso15adult.org in order for the notification to be valid.

Refund requests must be made no later than the day before the first day of the season.  The amount refunded will be $20.00.  This is due to the National Membership fee that is charged at the time of registration ($30) as well as transaction fees and credit card charges ($7.75).

There will be no refunds for notifications after the first day of the season.

For additional information and registrations, please visit our website, www.AYSO15ADULT.org.

If you would like to be a Team Coach / Lead / Manager please sign-up during registration and a Division Coordinator will reach out to you shortly.

This information is subject to change based on the number of registrations